The History of Zen Skin

Hey Skin Baes!

My name is Mia, the owner and founder of ZenSkin Co.

So years ago, I deemed myself a self-proclaimed skin enthusiast. I was the one to always assist my friends in finding the perfect skin care routine and recommended make up products. I started to dab into the Youtube world and created makeup tutorials. I created and lost myself in the world of being perfect. I would never the house without makeup. I critiqued my work against those who had been creating for years. I became depressed and isolated. I realized that I was no longer content with just the surface of makeup so I decided to revamp and rediscover my passion of skincare; thus ZenSkin Co. was born. ZenSkin was created to provide a skin and mental glow up for all. Each product is natural, handmade, and comes with its own affirmation. 

Great skincare comes from within, but it's also what you feed your mental. I make it point to send a group email each Monday with an affirmation to start off the week. It's important to gain clarity and increase your positivity along with taking care of your skin. 

I cannot wait for you to join as a #ZenSkinBae, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter. Thank you for your support. 

Glowing Always, 

Mia M. - creator and founder