I'm Too Oily to use Facial Oils


So check this, what if I told you that using (the correct) oil in your facial routine can and will actually reduce the oil on your face?! Well, it's the truth. I used to be a grease ball of mess. My makeup would seep into my skin, I would be super greasy in a matter of hours after applying my makeup, and no matter what I did I was just always greasy. 

About 3 years ago, I read about this Oil Cleanser Method and I began to detox myself from the chemical OTC products like Neutrogena and Oil of Olay. Neutrogena had a BOMB hydration gel though, kind of miss it. However, my skin was always dry even though I was super oily in my T-Zone. So, I moved over to the Simple Truth products which are paraben and sulfate-free with no fragrances. My skin began to reduce the oil but not as much. 

I knew that I was needing to continue to my journey of all natural products so I stayed with Simple Truth about 6 months using their facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. 

I then began to incorporate my facial oils into my skincare routine. I would wash with my facial cleanser and tone, but then I would apply vitamin E and jojoba to my skin only at night. I woke up the next morning with almost no oil. I used to wake up like I slept in cooking oil! I was absolutely amazed. So I continued my research. 

Oil combats Oil, as crazy as it sounds, once we put the oil onto our skin our sebaceous glands (sebum) don't feel as though they have to work overtime. I realized that for years I was stripping my skin with charcoal or african soap and it was doing more harm than good. I am minimal oily chick and have a bomb routine. My skincare routine consist of an anti-aging facial cleanser by Urban Skin RX, Thayer's Toner, and Rosehip Seed and Jojoba Oil mix.

Don't be afraid of what oils can do for you, start to mix up your routine and I promise you will see the difference!


  • Use Charcoal or African Black Soap more than twice a week. You are actually stripping your skin of its necessary oils. 
  • Use Coconut on your face as a moisturizer. Coconut is a heavier oil that takes hours to soak into the skin which can cause acne concerns. 
  • Use fragrant oils on your face if you have sensitive skin. 


  • Research the lighter oils for your skin type. Jojoba and Squalene oils are great for your face as they best resemble the sebum on our faces. 
  • Mix your dry oils with moisturizing ones. I LOVE RoseHip Seed oil as it is a great anti-inflammatory oil which keeps down redness and provides the perfect glow. However, I do mix with Jojoba oil for a flawless finish.
  • Know that you can also use facial oils as a cleanser as well. Turmeric oil is a perfect PH balancer. 
  • Know that oils can even be used on problem skin such as acne, occasional breakouts and rosacea. 





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